Do you feel you are invisible? We are here to help your rights be seen.

Migrants have rights under European human rights law which state that they cannot be expelled from the country in which they are living because of the real risk of ill treatment they face back home. Also the interference of being expelled from their country would violate their right to respect for family or private life; despite these laws, often migrants do not have access to them because of the way the authorities are handling their cases.  
Some people are made invisible by decisions that disregard their rights, for example, as family members of EU migrants; others have an unquestioned right to live in the country where they are residing, but are refused social assistance benefits or healthcare as a result of decisions that ignore or flout European law, driving these migrants to the margins of society.  

If you are a refugee whose rights have been marginalised or are looking for advice on behalf of someone who has, call us on our advice line, open Mondays to Fridays between 10:30am and 6pm on 020 7831 4276, or email us at i[email protected]

Photo Credit: Takver via flickr

To tackle these issues we:

  • advice to migrants and those protecting them

  • take cases to the European Court of Human Rights, as applicants' representatives on the record, joint representatives or third-party interveners

  • intervene in cases in the domestic courts that raise important issues

  • carry out other forms of advocacy

With funding from Zennström Philanthropies, the AIRE Centre launched its Invisible Migrants Project in 2010. 

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Header image credit: Global Justice Now via Flickr