The AIRE Centre provides free, specialist legal advice and other legal services to individuals directly on issues relating to:

  • EU law on free movement (e.g. you are a migrant from another European Union Member State, or a family member of a citizen of another European Union Member State, and you have a question about your residence status, expulsion or right to access benefits); or
  • where you have exhausted all domestic remedies and are making an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

We provide written legal advice, which usually takes us between two and three weeks to produce. If you need urgent help you may wish to contact another advice organisation that can provide you with help right away. We will always try and refer or signpost you to someone who might be able to help if your advice request is not something we have expertise on, or have current capacity to deal with.

We can also provide representation on a limited number of cases before the Immigration and Social Security Tribunals on matters of EU free movement law.

If you want to get advice from us, or want to find out whether we can help, you can either email us at [email protected] or you can call us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10.30am and 6pm on 020 7831 4276. Note that we are unable to give advice over the telephone, so when you call we will take down your query and then get back to you, usually by email.