An AIRE Centre project to provide information and assistance to British Citizens and their families in Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland and Norway now that the UK has exited the EU.

This project is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as part of its UK Nationals Support Fund. The fund has been provided to help UK nationals who may find it harder to complete the paperwork required to secure their residency rights in EU/EEA states. 

Many British Citizens (and their family members) are concerned about the security of their situation in the European countries where they live now that the UK has left the EU.

To supplement the outreach work undertaken by British Embassies, the AIRE Centre will be providing information and direct practical assistance to British Citizens. We aim to ensure that they have taken all the steps necessary to secure their residency rights and that they understand both the practical importance of taking these steps and the requirements of national laws and regulations in each country.

Find out more about the EuroBrits project in your country of residence below:

EuroBrits Bulgaria

EuroBrits Greece

EuroBrits Iceland

EuroBrits Norway

We would be so pleased to hear from you what further information you would like us to provide. 

Please contact us at [email protected]