The AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe) is a specialist legal charity whose mission is to help people in vulnerable circumstances to assert their human rights providing them with professional, free, and confidential legal advice and where appropriate representation. We work to raise awareness of European law rights by ensuring that these are effectively implemented through national and international procedures; we do all this through:

Litigation / Advice  / Policy  / Training

The AIRE Centre litigates before the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court Of Justice and has been involved in over 100 cases since the organisation was founded in 1993. Our policy has always been to offer our litigation expertise in whatever form it is needed, which may mean acting as representatives on the record, sharing our expertise on procedural and substantive law, or intervening as an expert third party in cases which we are not assisting in the representation.

The AIRE Centre works to ensure that all people enjoy their rights under European Law. We provide a unique service on the interrelationship between the two European legal orders and international Human Rights Law.

We receive annually from the UK alone around 1,500 requests for legal advice from EEA migrants or their advisors.