We tackle breaches of fundamental European rights through litigation

Where we identify critical human rights violations or gaps in policy or law which affect individuals in Europe, we step in and pursue cases with strategic potential. Such cases have had a wider impact on a national and international level, protecting the rights of vulnerable people including asylum-seekers, people who are homeless, victims of trafficking and survivors of domestic violence, to name a few.  

The AIRE Centre specialises in litigation before the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice. We act as representatives on the record, sharing our expertise on procedural and substantive law, or we intervene as an expert third party in cases which we are not assisting in the representation.

Our policy is to take to the European Court of Human Rights any case which we consider discloses an arguable violation of the European Convention of Human Rights, which meets the procedural requirements and where we have sufficient knowledge of the relevant national legal system.