2020 is one of the most important years in The AIRE Centre’s 25-year history. Its human rights lawyers help protect the dignity and civil liberties of vulnerable individuals across the UK and Europe. The charity’s mission is to safeguard citizen’s rights achieved under European law for the benefit of those who need it most. As the UK leaves the EU, the services we offer will become even more important.
Newly-introduced red tape will make it a challenge for some to prove their right to remain. We are therefore stepping up our efforts to influence and shape post-Brexit laws and legislation, advocate for fundamental rights to be upheld, and ensure the most susceptible are not left at risk of exploitation or deportation.

The looming risks around Brexit mean worries about stockpiling and supply chain challenges. But too little attention has been on the future of the hundreds of thousands of EU workers at risk of leaving the UK. Particularly vulnerable are the up to 1.5 million EU workers on low wages who are yet to complete the EUSS forms necessary to secure their right to remain – leaving them confused and frightened.
The danger is real that EU nationals who don’t complete their applications on time could either leave the workforce, or worse slip into the population of undocumented workers; leaving them exposed and at severely increased risk of exploitation, forced labour and modern slavery.

As confusing and unsettling as this period is for EU nationals, it does provide an opportunity for The AIRE Centre to use its unparalleled expertise to support these individuals and the organisations that employ them, while creating a robust funding stream.
There are a number of key sectors at substantial risk, and unless leaders at these organisations take action now they risk suddenly being deprived of a substantial percentage of their workers. The AIRE Centre is uniquely positioned to stop this from happening, while contributing to the UK’s economic stability.

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