In line with the preventative measures against the COVID-19 outbreak, AIRE Centre and RAI Secretariat have introduced video teleconference meetings to bridge disruptions in the implementation of the Regional Anti-corruption Project funded by the UK Government.

Implementation of a Regional Project is a challenging task at any time as it covers six jurisdictions, and during such daring times as the current pandemic, it is even more so. Nevertheless, AIRE Centre and RAI Secretariat are utilising the available online collaboration and teleconferencing solutions to maintain the Regional AC Project’s implementation dynamic.

The main topic of the meeting with the National Coordinators in the WB6 was the updated Project Workplan for 2020, amended in line with the COVID-19 situation, which was discussed by the project team and National Coordinators from WB6 jurisdictions. The meeting proved to be very effective, as the short-term action plan was presented, discussed and agreed upon among the participants. 

National Coordinators agreed the final text of the Report “Effective Implementation of Asset Recovery Measures in the Western Balkans: an overview of a regional monitoring methodology, key benchmarks and case studies of good practice” which will be published shortly by the project.