Ralitsa Peykova

Legal Project Officer and Consultant for the Western Balkans Rule of Law Project

Ralitsa Peykova has been associated with the AIRE Centre since 2016, when she begun working as a legal caseworker. Ralitsa worked on the AIRE Centre’s domestic violence project, FIRST, an EU funded project aiming to build capacity for First Points of Contact for Victims of Domestic and Gender-based Violence. She is now a Legal Project Officer and consultant for the Western Balkans Rule of Law Project and the Homelessness Project.

Ralitsa holds an LLB from the University of Southampton, an LLM from the University of Queen Mary and an MA in Gender Studies and Law from SOAS, University of London. She completed the Legal Practice Course (LPC) part-time at BPP University, with electives in Immigration law, Family law and Employment law. Ralitsa is also OISC Level 1 accredited. 

Before joining the AIRE Centre, she worked in the field of human rights for almost 2 years, as a legal case writer for The Global Freedom of Expression & Information Jurisprudence Project by Columbia University researching exemplary freedom of expression/hate speech cases. She also interned at the National Machinery for Women's Rights in the Ministry of Justice and Public Order in Cyprus, where she helped prepare submissions and reports regarding the implementation of CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention in Cyprus.

She speaks English, Bulgarian and Greek and has basic understanding of French.