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Combatting EU Migrant Homelessness in London


Trust for London has funded our three year project to reduce the number of homeless Londoners who come from other EU Member States, including through supporting more EEA national Londoners to be in employment and build the capacity of London’s voluntary sector to help EEA nationals facing homelessness. The project concluded in April 2016. You can access resources compiled within the course of the project here.

We developed this project to fill the gap in legal services for the disproportionate number of homeless EU citizens in London. Our unique expertise in this area of law enabled us to provide legal advice and casework to achieve sustainable solutions to the problems of poverty and inequality which often underpin homelessness.

The activities we pursued under this project included:

  • Provision of legal advice surgeries in London in cooperation with front-line organisations;
  • Provision of written responses to requests for legal advice from individuals or from voluntary-sector advisers working with EEA nationals facing homelessness in London;
  • Undertaking of legal casework and strategic litigation (e.g. providing written representations to decision makers and legal representation at appeal hearings);
  • Provision of conferences in London hosted by the AIRE Centre for approximately 100 voluntary-sector members working with EEA nationals;
  • Delivery of bespoke trainings to voluntary-sector organisations across London.