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AIRE Centre Human Rights Legal Bulletin


The Bulletin was established in 2000 following the end of the Milosevic regime, and with the full cooperation of the new government and the new leadership of the Serbian and Montenegrin judiciary. It carries summaries of the most recent decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, focusing on cases most relevant to the situation in the former Yugoslavia (e.g. the administration of justice, prison standards, the status of refugees and internally displaced persons, freedom of expression). The Bulletin aims to be concise, targeted, and easy to use: each edition is no more than twenty pages and it is translated into Serbian/Montenegrin. In the past Albanian, Macedonian, Romanian and Polish versions have also been available. The Bulletin is produced by a team of lawyers from the AIRE Centre with experience both in litigation before the European Court and in working in the former Yugoslavia and other CEE countries. At present the total print run is 4000 copies a month.  

Since year 2000 over 500 cases have been summarised, analysed and published in over 125 monthly issues. All cases are also available on the this website through a searchable database. The primary audience for the Bulletin has been the judges and other legal professionals responsible for the integration of the European Convention of Human Rights into the jurisprudence of Serbia and Montenegro.  It is distributed via the Judicial Training Centres free of charge to all the courts, from the Supreme Courts down, as well as the respective Ministries of Justice, prosecutors’ offices and petty offence courts. Human rights NGOs also use the Bulletin for lobbying and litigation. The Bulletin has succeeded in establishing itself as the most authoritative up to date source of information for ECHR case law in the former Yugoslavia. In the year of 2011 we are looking to expand the content of the publication by including those judgments by the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg specifically relevant to the European integration process in Serbia, Montenegro and the region.

You can search The Legal Bulletin in both Serbian and English.